Gas & Electric Stove Repairs

When your gas or electric stove needs repairs in Toronto, choose Thompson Refrigeration & Appliance Service.

Whether you have a gas or electric stove, you can expect knowledgeable, efficient service when you choose our team for gas and electric stove repairs. Call us today if you’re experiencing any of the following stove issues:

  • Oven element burnt out or has caught fire
  • Broil element not working
  • Nothing works except the light
  • Loud sparks, then total failure
  • Two left burners stop working
  • Two right burners stop working
  • Burners only work intermittently
  • Oven not working at all
  • Oven too hot, overheating
  • Oven burning everything
  • One burner stays on high even at a low setting
  • Stove keeps blowing fuses
  • Gas oven not working
  • Switch indicator light stays on even when burner is off
  • You smell gas when oven is turned on